Louise Drul

The Critical Atlas of the Internet, spatial analysis as a tool for socio-political purposes.

I work on mapping the Internet space since 2014. This research took the shape of three distinct projects : The Critical Atlas of the Internet (books, posters and website, 2015), Blockchain, an Architecture of Control (Video, 2016) and The Two Webs (drawings, 2017).

Neural #65, Redirecting Networks - Beyond Lines and Nodes: Louise Drulhe's Critical Atlas of the Internet, Jan 2020
Mediapart - Louise Drulhe cartographie le web caché, Nov 2018
Le Monde diplomatique #747 - Espèces d’espaces, Juin 2016
Furtherfield - The Critical Atlas of the Internet – An interview with Louise Drulhe, Juin 2016
Internetactu.net - Quelle est la forme d’internet ?, Mai 2016
Makery - Les espèces d’espaces d’Internet selon Louise Drulhe, The Internet, as spatialized by Louise Drulhe, Mai 2016
Azimuts #44, WDCTATSTW, 2016
Étapes #228, Nov 2015

Through a series of hypotheses, this Critical Atlas of Internet aims to develop 15 conceptual spatialization exercises. The purpose of the atlas is to use spatial analysis as a key to understanding social, political and economic issues on Internet by applying assumptions such as: Internet is a dot, Internet’s relief is shaped and controlled, Internet is a dumb network, etc.

As is the case of internet space, the construction of the Atlas is based on digital architecture. It is a unique computer code with an infinite number of display possibilities, both online (website) and on paper. In an idea of responsive print, the publishing has an adaptive format. Based on the CSS print rules, the layout is generated automatically for each new format, and continually adapted and readapted from book to poster format.

Ludwig Mùzeum, Budapest & ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medien) Karlsruhe GE, Spatial affairs, April 2021
Transmediale, HKW, Eternal Network, Berlin, GE, Fev 2020
Kunsthalle Wien, Hysterical Mining, Vienna, AT, May 2019
MU, Computer girls, Eindhoven, NL, July 2019
La Gaîté Lyrique, Computer girls, Paris, FR, Feb 2019
HMKV, Computer grrrls, Dortmund, GE, Oct 2018
Museum für Neue Kunst, Your North is my South, Freiburg, GE, April 2018
La collégiale St Pierre Le Puellier, À Lier, Orléan, FR, Nov 2018
MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art, Lisbon architecture Triennale 2019 - Inner Space, Lisbon, PT, Oct 2019
Art Quarter Budapest, The Great Globe, Budapest, HU, May 2019
Drugo-more, Kritički atlas Interneta, Rijeka, Croatia, HR, March 2017
International Biennale of Contemporary Art of Moscow, Transcendental Forest, RU, Sept 2017 - Jan 2018
International Design Biennale of Saint-Etienne, Panorama des mutations du travail, FR, March - April 2017
La Paillasse, Géographies numériques, Paris, FR, May 2016